Dougal and Arabella

Whilst Mum made my fuzzy, wuzzy, bobbly, itchy jumpers from her knitting machine, Dad was diligently drawing in his studio. My parents are my endless inspiration and a love of creativity runs through our veins.

My upbringing was a huge hit at “show and tell” at school. And needless to say, my Easter bonnet parade “get ups” were the envy of all my friends. Dad even once fashioned my brother into a giant Easter bunny, covered in paper-mache and hand drawn illustrations.

I am so proud to be working with my Dad on this project and I dearly love the chatter and energy of collaboration. There’s endless banter and we just work well together. I guess Dougal is combining art and fashion in a naive and quirky Australian way and just like us, it is original and unique.

- Bells.

Life Style

Growing up in the country I was always out in the garden and paddocks exploring the farm, whether it be yabbying or gardening with Mum. From an early age I had a strong appreciation for nature, slowing down and being with family.

This early appreciation has lead me to live by the ocean at Bells Beach. We grow our own veggies, we surf and love nothing more than shelling broad beans with our girls on a rainy day. I love all things Aussie and have an immense appreciation for Australian nostalgia and 70’s fashion. My Mum taught me about fashion, how it is made and the attention to detail. All the elements which have been incorporated into Dougal.

Finally, Dougal represents my strong appreciation for nature, natural fabrics and quality garments. I honestly believe that we should respect and cherish our clothes and ultimately, I want to teach kids about the Australian landscape and our own, unique backyard. What better way to do this than wearing a piece of Australiana on your sleeve?



We create our garments both within Australia and also in China. Our Australian manufacturer works out of a small shed near Ballarat and has been lovingly crafting our garments for over 10 years. Where possible, we choose to manufacture locally to support our grass roots.

Our Chinese partner was specially chosen for their quality and extremely ethical working conditions. Their proficiency, attention to detail and fast turn around time makes them an absolute dream to collaborate with.


Our garments feature premium silks and luxurious 100% cotton jersey that are designed to last. On all fabrications we utilise extremely high quality digital printing techniques which simply get better with every wash. Where possible, we also love to use gorgeous organic Japanese cottons from a supplier we have known for many years. We trust their quality and know you‘ll love it to