2021 CSA Daily Desk Top Calander

2021 CSA Daily Desk Top Calander

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 Let's BRING HUGS BACK in 2021, and start our day with a positive & contemplative daily message from the Jeremyville CSA project( Community Service Announcements).  

Each of the 365 messages in this calendar offer a time for reflection, a quiet moment in our busy day.

Jeremy says "To me, they are like tiny crystallised jewels of hard won answers to the personal questions in my own life".

I hope you enjoy this collection of daily messages, drawn for you & me. 

I approach the questions in the only way I know how, which is to draw down the answer as scratches in my sketchbook, and in words like a poem or a song, and these then become the basis of the final CSA message you see in this calendar.

Share your favorite ones to your Instagram and hashtag #JeremyvilleCSA , or gift them to a friend, or tear them out and pin them to your wall, or stick them on your fridge