Watermelon Cat Company Pregnant Mother with Baby Wooden Toy

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Watermelon Cat Company

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Hand made wooden toys from the Netherlands.

This is a lovely expectant mother with a baby. If you turn the mother's belly you will see the baby.

Now BIG MAMA carries the baby. The baby comes out! Then the baby can go into the cradle rocker and fall asleep.

With BIG MAMA you can tell the story of having a baby to a toddler brother or sister.

Fantasy is not different to reality in children's minds. So were these toys created by the team in Hürbanya City.

HURBANOS are people who love the city in all its complexity. Unlike many toys that convey to children the ideal of surburban life and family type, HURBANOS celebrates the diversity of lifestyles of the big city.

The HURBANOS are hand made in wood and painted and decorated individually with water based paints.

Approxiamate measurements are

BIG MAMA:  20 cm high x 2.5 thick X 9 CM

These art toys are handmade with love. They are unique pieces and have ID. You will receive a "certificate of authenticity".


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