We are committed to emptying out our storage unit and paving way for some new and exciting labels that I am sure will delight. Pass this SALE on to your friends, I would go as far as to make you pinky swear a promise.
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Fresh Dinosaurs COMINIG SOON

IMPACT : we take social and environmental responsibility


Every piece that comes into my store is selected via my check list,

1. Environmentally considerate.

2. Workers that manufacture the garments are respected.

3. The designers have a unique and creative way of expressing them selves.

Whilst I personally am an evolving human bean, I realise that as business owners we are too. Each of the brands I have chosen to work with are working to make a better world.

Whilst Kermit sings about it not being easy being green, we do it for you.

No guess work needed.

Our commitment to being GREEN, is in every shade it offers.

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